Results of Bye Elections to Assembly Constituencies-Sept 2023

Assembly Constituency 98 - Puthuppally(Kerala)


ECI is displaying the information as being filled in the system by the Returning Officers from their respective Counting Centres.The final data for each AC/PC will be shared in Form-20.

Status as on Round, 13/13
Round 1 (EVM Votes)
Candidate Party Votes Brought From Previous Rounds Current Round Total
ADV. CHANDY OOMMENIndian National Congress056995699
JAICK C THOMASCommunist Party of India (Marxist)028832883
LIGIN LAL.Bharatiya Janata Party0476476
LUKE THOMASAam Aadmi Party09999
P.K. DEVADASIndependent022
NOTANone of the Above02020
Total 0 9187 9187